Drafting a settlement agreement for employers

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Drafting a settlement agreement for employers

What you get with this service

Drafting a bespoke settlement agreement for the dispute with your employee.  Plus advising on the content and advice on the procedure to follow to issue the agreement. 

What is not included

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What the seller needs to start work

Details of the dispute and a copy of the contract of employment will be needed, as well as the following for the settlement agreement:

  • Names and addresses of the parties;
  • Employee's start date and proposed termination date (if known);
  • Reason for termination: resignation, dismissal or mutual termination;
  • Notice period;
  • Holiday accrual if applicable;
  • Ex-gratia payment details;
  • Any additional payments;
  • Any expenses / deductions;
  • Any company property to be returned and a return date.

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